Benefits of registration for the management agency

We open opportunity as much as possible for the management agency to register on the Japanintern.navi site.

When registering on our site, the following benefits will be obtained

① There is a case where there is a contract agreement with the supplier agency in each country, but it is not yet decided which institution will be the representative agency of Japan that will accept the trainee candidate. By registering on this site, we will introduce you as a management agency (Japanese representative) that will act as the recipient institution of trainee candidates.

② Because we conduct public relations (on this site) to related bodies / institutions, the supplier agency vocational schools, and prospective foreign workers in each of our countries. We will do the matching between your company / agency with related institutions.

③ We will assist in the regular information exchange on the management agencies that had registered on this site.

Registration form of the management agencies

Foreign skills interns. Everyone who wants to register to navi can register from here.