What is Japan intern.navi?

This site, japanintern.navi is a site portal for companies that want to recruit trained foreign worker.  In addition, this site also connects prospective foreign worker who come to Japan to deepen/ train deeper skills. Last, this site also introduces the profile of the trained foreign workers (who already registered on our site) for the companies or institutions experiencing problems such as shortage of skilled worker and successor.

After the matching process, on the companies association that had been affiliated on this site, we will assist all of the work from the execution of immigration procedure to airport reception. Japanese language training after arriving in Japan, training and mentoring for 160 hours before they are placed as well as mentoring periodically after they are placed to work.

In addition, about the nurse labor whose legal rules have been ratified since 2017, we also conduct special training for every nurses in the nursing institution.

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Merit of this japan intern.navi site

Countries that our target market on this site there are 15 countries.

In addition, 15 countries that are the target countries for recruiting foreign workers and have been listed on this site, there are also 5 countries whose citizens are also wanting to work in Japan so there are 20 Countries in total.!!

In 15 countries that already been our target market on this site, about 250 institutions local labor sending agencies,

We are also working with the universities, polytechnic and others. We are also conduct information exchange intensively on both sides (on labor rules in 15 targeted recruitment countries) with vocational schools, Japanese language school in the targeted recruitment countries, and also 250 labor sending institutions.

We will send information about 2000 prospective foreign workers

We also send information about more than 250 host institutions, Japanese language school, and vocational schools (in 15 countriues) for foreign workers who has registered in this site.

Thanks to the support of all parties, the number of companies and institutions within Japan that use this site has exceeded 100

In other words, companies and institutions within Japan that are registered on our site has exceeded 100!!

Benefits of using this japanintern.navi site

Registration fee, publication fee for job vacancy, first time using fee, all are free.

Fees regarding the publication of information on the acceptance of prospective worker from Japan side and registration fee as a prospective worker who wants the training entirely free.

We will send information as well as about 500 Japanese companies to prospective foreign workers that have registered on our site.

When information about job vacncy is just posted by company or trainee candidate just registered, we will send to each other (without waiting for long time) directly.

The cost required is only the cost of using the system when two parties are matching.

The cost required is only the cost of using the system when two parties (Japanese companies or institutions and prospective foreign workers) are already matching. Of course, in other words, the cost of using the system will not be collected if there is no matching or agreement between the two parties.

About the flow of the question and answer process until the matching process.

We will provide detailed explanation about the service on this site and the flow of the question-answer process until matching/agreement of the two parties.

1,Question and answer process/ publishing job vacancy information

After discussions with companies/institutions/ personal (inside Japan) that want trained foreign worker, we will publish job vacancy information on this site.

After writing the item below on【job vacancy info registration form】send it to our site.

・brief profile of company and workplace environment ・Type of work to be vacant and brief explanation of the work that will be vacant ・Contract explanation (such as working hours, vacation, salary, welfare program for employee) ・Explanation about the required prospective workers (such as numbers of required prospective workers and detailed explanation about the job that will be vacant) ・detailed explanation about the required human resources (such as citizenship, age, gender, career, and working experience) ・estimation of contract’s date (training) had done (such as the selection date of the selected candidate, the required preparation period, the date of inviting the candidate to japan, and job placement date)

2, Delivery of job info to prospective workers

Delivering job vacancy information as well as requirement and needs (That are given by the institutions that held the training) to prospective workers who is registered whether it came from vocational school, universities, or institution in 15 countries.

3, Notification of selected candidates name

Delivering candidates name who are accepted (in accordance with requirements proporsed by the companies or institution) to the company or institutions.

4, The interview process

After discussing with the institutions or companies from the Japanese side, setting the interview schedule with selected candidate.

Conduct the interview process via internet telephone (like with SKYPE) with selected candidate and if there is dissatisfaction on the part of the company or institution when only using indirect interview (like SKYPE), we will facilitate conduct of ground interview at where the applicant is located.

5,Matching process

Within 5 days, after the company decided whether the applicant qualified or not, we will notify the applicant of the foreign workerabout the overall result of the test. Announcement is done through the local labor sending institutions.

After matching process, further explanation from start to placement process, please open the page 「Summary of skills training for foreigners

Characteristics of foreigners and nationality of each countries

We write down nationality and characteristics of each 15 designated countries that can be a references for you. Please understand that the characteristics of the societies of a country described in this website are not for generalizing all of the societies are the same. The purpose of describing the characteristics of a country on this website is an appeal to the companies or certain institutions to ready themselves and understanding before hiring the applicant. Because there are some differences such as religion and local culture, then there may be something that we will find it unusual things to be natural for them. So hopefully there is a mutual respect for those who hire and hired.

In large area of China, then do not be surprised if the characteristics of life are different in each region. Of course not all the characteristics of the workers from China we can be summarized and represented in this site. From all of the skilled foreign workers who come to Japan, 80% are Chinese. It can be said that the prospective foreign workers from China are faster in mastering Japanese language. If, we had to convey the good side, then we could say foreign workers from China have high willingness. They understand to achieve the goal, they have to study diligently and work with passion. Many of the Chinese who are friendly toward others and start the conversation with positivety to start friendship. Even though, many of them that are nice, there is also a negative side of Chinese people such as manner. For Japanese, manner is a really important thing and highly valued in the work. That is why, the Japanese sometimes think the manner of Chinese people are not so good. In addition, not a few also among them who are stubborn and too overconfidence. For example, each time giving work to a worker from China, even though they cannot do it, they sometimes say (Trust it to me!).
Country namePeople's Republic of China
Capital cityBeijing
LanguageChinese language
ClimateThere are 6 climate zones by region in China. In China there are also 4 seasons and a very extreme temperature difference throughout the year.
ReligionBudda (Tibet’s Buddha), Taoism, Islam, and Christianity.
Foodrice and wheat become the main food of Chinese society. Spices are also different in each region.
Mandatory school ageuntil 3 junior high school
CharacteristicsThey have mbition and high motivation. Also, they understand Kanji

Similar to Vietnam, the Filipinos have the same social warmth as Japan in the early year of Shouwa. They have strong social network so the term neighbour is family. Other than that the culture of good neighbour is still exist today. The current economy of the Philippines tends to be very good, but there are still a lot of poor people and still many people who live by depending on others. They have a good attitude of heart, bright, and high spirit. They are also easy to give a smile and not shy to be friend with anyone too.
Other than that, because they are also known to be sociable, they are opened hearted toward anybody, respecting other who are older and care toward the young people. In Philippines, the woman inside the society are known as hard workers.
Despite being in ASEAN countries, the Philippines is the only Christian country which is a piece of Latin American land and officially uses English as everyday language, even the villagers are very fluently in English.In addition, their ability to master a foreign language is very high so it is no wonder if they can master the Japanese language quickly. Also, the special characteristic that exists in Filipino society is a very close family relationship so usually on the day of Christmas, they all gather with their family.
But the negative side of this is that they frequently envy with each other. The negative side they have is on money and time. It can be said that many of them are not on time. On the money issue, it would be better if you refrain from lending money.
If you lend money, many or few, it is certain that they will not return it. With the mentality of the Philippines who live mentally “helping each other”, they assume that there is time out money is borrowed by other, then there is also time to lend money so that the awareness to return the borrowed money is very little. In addition, they are also very fond of gossiping both men and women so it is difficult for them to keep a secret
Country nameRepublic of Philippine
Capital cityManila
LanguageManila language and English
ClimateIt has tropical climate, warm throughout the year, has an average temperature of 26-27 degrees Celsius. Rainy season from June-November and the dry season from December-May
ReligionIn ASEAN, the Philippines is a dominated by Christian. 83% of the population is diverse catholic, 10% of the various Christians other than catholic, and about 5% of the population is diverse in Islam.
Eating habitThe main food of the population is rice and wheat. People here eat beef, pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables in general. It's just that because there is no habit of eating raw food, people here do not eat raw fish and vegetables. In addition, ramen and pasta are considered as snack.
Compulsory educationMandory school age: elementary school plus high school, total: 13 years
PersonalityCheerful and not shy. Excels at English.
As first glanced, smiling faces are a common feature of Thai faces. Few of them think that if they are good themselves, that’s enough. Mentally and strong feelings to help others despite having to sacrifice themselves are a positive side to the Thai people. Thoughts such as “helping other people only disturb themselves” are also there, but they can do so naturally.
Not only donating money, if there are poor people visible, they do not hesitate to share their food for the poor and provide any assistance. This natural thing exists because of the character of the Thai people who are happy to help others despite having to sacrifice themselves. They are moderate minded so they like peace. They do not like quarrels, in case of friction, they are trying hard to reach a peace agreement.
Therefore, Thai people, to get the natural resources that are not owned, they do not invade other countries, but are grateful and feel quite with what they had. With that, they love peace and this is the characteristic of Thai people. They do not like to be angry, talking harshly and loudly, if they do, they will feel ashamed. So they sometimes wonder if their anger really comes from their heart or not.
In addition, learning, gaining knowledge, and expanding information are important for them. Therefore, they have an enthusiastic in studying and as much as possible to achieve high education. Thai’s sometimes do not like to be angry in front of people. But the Thai’s who feel themselves have a high class often look at the others from the outside without seeing from within. For example, many Thai people look at a person’s class based on the clothes they wore. If the quality of clothes used by others is lower than the clothes used by themselves, they tend not wanting them to be their friends.
From a long time ago, their religious spirit was very high. Nevertheless, they will tolerate other people of different faiths other than them. Thai people who have religion are not like Japanese, they have no prejudice against others and being positive.
Country nameKingdom of Thailand
Capital cityBangkok
ClimateClimate: the climate in Thailand is a tropical monsoon climate. Since the shape of the state extends from north to south as far as 1860 km, and the difference in latitude by 16 degrees, although all of the regions are tropical, there is a temperature difference per region. There are three different weather conditions in a year: rainy (mid-May to October), dry season (October to February), and summer (February to May)
ReligionsBuddha 94% and Islam 5%
Eating habitStaple food: rice is a staple food. The basic seasoning contains fish sauce, sugar, and red pepper. They also eat beef, pork, bird meat, vegetables, and fish. Spicy, sour, and sweet taste are the dominant flavors that they love in their daily diet
Mandatory school age3 years of elementary school, and junior high 6 years old so total 9 years.
PersonalityThey are very warm and well liked by everyone, they are also very famously known for being cooperative.
Buddhist doctrine is very thick in this country. For example, the existence of a mindset such as if having enough money for everyday life, then wanting something more than that is something that is prohibited by the religion. According to them, living in peace is the apex of happiness in life. That is what the nature and the character of Laos’s people who live with a relaxed and calm life.
In contrast to Japanese discipline, because they are so concerned with the time to relax, sometimes they have a break from work only because of a small / trivial thing that is not to their liking. In Laos,there is a famous word that is often used everyday like “Bopenyan” which means “It’s OK” or “nothing”. When they failed to do anything they said “Bonpenyan”. They are very easy-going even as to forget their own personal responsibility. On the one hand, they are “reckless”, but on the other hand, they do not like conflict, do not have negative ambitions, and are famous for being a good people.
Country nameThe Democratic Republic of Laotian Peoples
Capital cityVientiane
LanguageLaos language
Climatethe impact of monsoon, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season usually occurs in May to November, and the dry season occurs from December to April
ReligionBuddha 60% and others 40%
Eating habitTheir main meal is sticky rice. There are some of the most important ingredients in traditional Laotian food such as Nankyo, Lemongrass, and Bardeke. The abundance of rivers and mountains, producing abundant amount of healthy food.
Mandatory school age5 years
PersonalityBecause of their gentle personality, they have no great ambitions and are relaxed in their attitude
There are many positive traits of Indian people. But for the moment, let’s think that this Indian people loves to talk. It can be said that this is a very good trait in Indian people as an example when we start the conversation, they will be directly interested in the conversation with their friendliness. However, even though they love to talk, they sometimes do not like to hear what other people are talking as well.
With anyone, they could be good friends quickly, but not few among those who think that they are the best so they do not listen to other people’s talk. They sometimes do not care about the little things and not few also among those who have a rough nature.
“No problem” is a phrase that is often heard from their mouths. They are rather weak in making work plans, neglecting the time, and relaxing a lot. Many of them are tolerant and great-natured but all can change rapidly when it comes to profit-loss for themselves. Many of them love money so they are not interested in anyone but themselves. Because they are not interested in other but themselves, sometimes they are also not interested in helping others.
So it can be said there is a cold side to the character of the Indian people. But because of this, they are very serious and eager to pursue their needs. Many of them are having a smart brain, so in a very short time they can achieve personal life goals, so this shows us one of the advantages of their positive attitudes. Although it can be said that they are selfish, but when we ask for help, they will soon help.
On the other hand, many of them are generous, but when the situation is unfavorable, sometimes they do not admit their mistakes so they are not responsible for what had been mandated. May tend to look childish, but many of them are friendly to anyone.
Country nameRepublic of India
Capital cityNew Delhi
ClimateDue to the size of the country, the climate difference is depended on the location of the region. Many areas that often occur heavy rain in the rainy season, resulted in a massive flood. Recorded in May 19, 2016, in the area of Farody, the temperature of Rajasthan province is increased up to 51 degrees Celsius.
Religion81% Hinduism, the rest are Islam, Christian, Sikh, Buddhism, and Jainism.
Eating habitMany of their typical food is a mixture of various spices. With the size of Indian land, there are also many different classes of caste, religion, and tribe.
Mandatory school age5 years of elementary school and 3 years of junior high school
PersonalityThey have optimistic attitude so with they can be friend with anyone.
Many Japanese think about Gengis Khan when hearing the word “Mongol”, it is also a country that has a vast natural landscape. Not only it has a vast natural landscape, its people also have different properties between northern and southern communities. One of the characteristics of the Mongols is that they hate defeat.
They will fight with each other until one falls, this is an image that may not exist in the daily life of the Japanese. Perhaps it can be seen from the number of Mongolian wrestlers who come to Japan, they are seen from the outside has a very high fighting spirit. For them, to win and not lose is important in their lives. Because they always have the spirit to win and do not want to lose, many are worried about whether most of them are rough-hearted people? But actually Mongols are friendly and not a scary person as long as we do not make a dispute with them
In addition, they are also famously known for being very disrespectful of time. At the time of the agreed meeting they did not arrive on time, for those late 30 minutes or 1 hour is a natural thing. Surely their delay is not deliberately, but their deep awareness of time is lacking. So it can be said that their awareness to obey the time is low. Although they have been told, sometimes they keep repeating it, so not only are their attitudes stamped as bad. But it can also be said that they are very easy-going with time.
They are known to be very lazy and unlike Japanese people who are working diligently. There are also people who have got a purpose in life, then they work hard to get it, but if that goal is not there, then they are not spirited again. Because sometimes they do not have a purpose, they immediately decide whether they want to work or not to work to what in front of them. The positive thing about them is that they are very friendly. Although they have personal personalities, they are happy to help others despite being had to sacrifice their time. It can be said that they are happy to make personal sacrifices. They also have a deep sense of moral duty and personal feeling. Having made personal relationship with anyone, they become attached and having a sense of mutual help despite having to sacrifice themselves and this relationship continues for a long time.

Country nameThe Mongolian State
Capital cityUlaanbataar
ClimateBecause of its vast territory, it can be said that Mongolian has a continental climate where the country has a dry season throughout the year. In summer, the average temperature is about 19 degrees, although there is also a day that has temperature of 30 degrees. In the middle of the end of October, the temperature can be below zero. Around December to February, many days have temperatures below 20 degrees.
ReligionBuddhist 53%, Atheist : 39%, the rest are Christian and Islam.
Eating habitTheir main meals are wheat and rice. But the meat in quantity occupies the same position with other staple foods. Traditionally, they call fleshy foods as "red food" and dairy products as "white food".
Mandatory school age6 years of elementary school, 2 years of junior high school with a total of 8 years.
PersonalityThey are very friendly. They often work hard to get their goals that they want to achieve.
▼ カンボジア | COMBIDIA

▼ バングラデシュ | BANGLADESH

With more than 17500 islands, as archipelago country with populations of around 250 million people, Indonesia ranks fourth in the world as the country with the largest population after China, India and USA. It can be said that the population of Indonesia is twice the number of Japanese population. 88% of Indonesians convert to Islam, after which are Christians, Hindus, Buddhists. Kong Hu Chu, and others,

Indonesia is a country with the largest Islamic population in the world. In terms of politics, the country is famous as a pro country with Japan as well as its citizens are notoriously very friendly. This country is also famous to admire and respect the Japanese, the people of Indonesia can be said to always have a smiley face every day. They also have a friendly attitude even with strangers, they will help if the stranger is in trouble. They also always start the conversation with positivity, so the atmosphere is warm when communicating with them. If the Japanese is facing difficulties, they will put on a serious face but not with Indonesians who always smile when solving a problem. In general, they are forward-thinker and always bright. However, sometimes they are often weak when they are alone, making their smiles as a weapon, and sometimes they are lazy to do their works. Sometimes they too often lie.

Country nameThe Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia
LanguageIndonesia language
ClimateIt has a tropical climate because of its location just below the Equator line.
ReligionIslam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhist, and kong hu cu
Eating habitTheir main meal is rice. They eat chicken, vegetables, and fish. But they do not eat pork because it is forbidden by religion. Lots of spicy seasoning in their food.
Compulsory educationMandatory school age: 9 years
PersonalityHaving high cooperation attitude and good-hearted people
Some say that the nature of the Vietnamese people is the same as the Japanese people. The Vietnamese have the same characteristics as the Japanese who lived in the Shouwa era than today. Many Vietnamese people are pure and naive. In general they are diligent, in any work they have the dexterity and skills to work. Their nature too, to accurately doing something even if it’s a trivial thing and they also have the flexibilities and intelligent to handle problem. This intelligence is also seen in many of the women. Vietnam is also known as a country that has a high passion for learning, many of the people who take double school and additional courses.
On the street too, many Vietnamese are fluent in English, arguably the percentage of people who can speak more English than the Japanese. They have a passion for learning new things for them. They also have characters such as obedience to the rules and the spirit of learning. In addition, the women have great learning passion. The negative side that exists in them, one example is sometimes they are petty / narrow-minded.
They prefer to gain 1000 yen in one day rather than 100.000 yen in one month. Compared to thinking of getting a stable income in the long term, they are more concerned with what can be gained only today. Vietnamese love to consume new stuff so it can be said they may be quickly bored. In adddition they have a high pride so they do not like the failure, which in the end they do not like to fight. They just want to fight until they acquire the steady situation. Because they have a high pride they some times do not like being scolded and corrected into right thing.
Country nameSocialist Republic of Vietnam
LanguageVietnamese language
ClimateBecause of its longitudinal region, there are differences in weather in the northern, central, and southern regions. Because in the north is a subtropical region, there are four seasons a year. The middle area has a tropical monsoon climate that has rainy and dry season.
ReligionBuddhist, Catholic, and Kao Dai
Eating habitTheir main meals are rice and wheat. Just like the Japanese, they have a simple meal consisting of a bowl of rice and a bowl of soup and other simple dishes. They also eat beef, pork, chicken, but of course healthy food. So internationally, they are countries that have low levels of obesity.
Mandatory school age9 years
PersonalityThey have perseverance and seriousness when working, can be patient in difficult situations, have good patience, and can work together.
Some say that the behavior of their communities in the North and South is very different. People in the north are more educated, open-minded, and wiser. It can be said that the image of Japanese society also exist in South America, namely in Peru. On the contrary, the people in the South are much closed-headed, have a sense of shame, and there are also some Japanese characters in this area. They are very friendly to anyone and to their best friend, they are able to sacrifice and act for them.
In Peru, men and women have equal rights, so awareness to respect women is deeply rooted here. For them, to respect women is a natural thing. They are always have a positive attitude. Therefore, when promised to others, they vow to really keep that promise firmly. But if the situation had changed, then sometimes they break the promise casually. In Peru, the economy is not growing, so sometimes they have no moral. So it can be said, they have a low moral compared to the Japanese.

Country nameRepublic of Peru
LanguageSpanish, Quechua language, Aymara language.
ClimatePeru is located in the middle of the southern hemisphere, so they have four seasons with the date reversed from Japan. However, because there is also a region of Peru close to the equator, although winter, the weather is not smaller than 10 degrees. Due to regional differences such as coastal areas (high temperatures, high humidity), mountainous areas (rainy and dry seasons), and forest areas (tropical climate), the climate in Peru is completely different depending on the region. In the Peruvian capital, Lima, the average temperature is 22 degrees.
Religion89% Roman Catholic and about 6.7% Protestant.
Eating habitCorn and potatoes are their main meals. Due to regional differences such as beaches, amazon jungles, and mountainous areas, there are so many different kinds of seafood, meat, and vegetables cooked and made into food.
Mandatory school age6 years of elementary school, 5 years of junior high school so the total is 11 years
PersonalityTheir warm and kind-hearted attitudes are also very attentive to the people around.
In general, it can be said that many Europeans and Americans are individualistic while many Asians love grouping. The Japanese love to group while the Americans are happy with their personal preoccupations, but Sri Lanka is a former colony of western countries (Portugal -> Holland -> England), so they get much influence from the colonies. However, as citizens, “collectivism” still lags behind in their society.
Although their country is colonized, it does not make their country an individualist, but clustered by keeping a distance while still dealing with problems in the group. In general, the people of Sri Lanka are very friendly and happy to start talks with others. Although, they love to talk to other people, they have high pride, often showing-off, stubborn, and disrespect other people’s opinions
In addition they are also smart, and they also have the talent to think cunningly. Although they borrow money, sometimes they do not return it. Many also think that it is not necessary to return the money that had been borrowed. But the people of Sri Lanka deeply appreciate the old and love the young, they are also known as someone who loves their family very much. They can divide wisely where the top and bottom relationships in the working environment, school environment, and family environment.
Country nameDemocratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
CapitalSri Jayawardenapura Kotte1
LanguageSinhala and Tamil
ClimateSri Lanka is a tropical country that has both high temperature and humidity. In coastal areas and lowlands, the average temperature is 27 to 28 degrees Celsius. On the mainland, the temperature is cooler.
Religion70% Buddhist, 12% Hinduism, and Islam is about 9%.
Eating habitThey love the food which has the inside of rice, Ando, Curry, Pitto, Kiribat, Roti, Indy Upper, Watarapanz
Mandatory school age5 years of elementary school and 4 years of high school so the total is 9 years.
PersonalityThey are really friendly and kind-hearted.
ミIf you ask the Japanese what is the “charm” / interesting from Myanmar?Most likely the answer that appears are (kindhearted) (the person is kind). Probably because this country is a Buddhist country, so everything can be discussed. To create a warm atmosphere again with a smiley face, they easily agree to restart the conversation.
1992 was a year in which the military regime was very strong. Often schools are closed so children learn at temples. Even today children who cannot go to school because of money, they can go to “Terakoya” like Baka Chan or Ponzee chown. In Myamnar,it already had created safeness because from a long time the belief to the Buddhist religion has been formed in the hearts of its believers.
The Burmese are very respectful of the older people and they have a strong desire to take care of their parents. The Burmese have very little personal ambition and there is also a picture that they are shy. Their work is very agile, in a complex job, they are relatively better, it can be said that many of them are diligent. The weak side is that because there is no great personal ambition, it is hard to see any real feelings in their hearts.
Country nameThe Unity of Republic of Myanmar
LanguageBurmese language
ClimateHalf of the country's land is in the tropics and the other half is in the subtropics. The area lying on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman sea coast has a tropical monsoon climate. In the deep areas of Mandalay and Bagan it has a tropical Savana climate. In the Shan state and the mountainous regions of the Kachin state have warm temperatures and in winter there is little rain
Religion90% Buddhist, the rest are Christian and Islam.
Eating habitThe main food is rice and the use of spices on each of their meals is relatively small. Many foods have also been boiled with oil
Mandatory school age5 years
PersonalityThey are very warm and attentive to the environment. Many people are straightforward, diligent, and honest.
Uzbekistan is a country located in central Asia and is a mixture of Arabian and European cultures. So many different cultures in every ethnic living there. Therefore, the way to look and how to think was varied. Therefore Uzbek people are quick to get along with anyone and with any new environment they can quickly join.
Most of their people are high school graduates, so quickly they digest their official language. In addition, when they remember one thing, they do not easily forget when trying to remember something again. Their other advantages are they also have purity in their characters. But they have high pride so rarely helps others. They are more likely to solve their own problems and they also have high personal ambitions in their lives

Country nameRepublic of Uzbekistan
LanguageUzbek language and Russian
ClimateBecause it has a vast land area, the weather is very hot in summer but in winter is relatively cold. The temperature difference between day and night is very high. But their land is dry and have very small precipitation. There is a significant temperature difference from the desert region of Seibu to the mountains such as the northeastern region,
Religion90% Islam and the rest are Orthodox Russia
Eating habitThe main food for Uzbek people is like bread and noodles.
Mandatory school age4 years of elementary and 5 years of junior highschool with a total of 9 years.
PersonalityTheir language learning ability is very fast and most of its citizens are high school graduates. They are very friendly and easily be friend with anyone.
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