Terms of service

 Section 1 (general rule)

1.This Agreement contains the terms of use of the Website (or abbreviated as this website) which the company Hareruyaizm (or here referred to as our company) named this site: Japanintern.navi. Those who wish to use our website (in this case referred to as users) must comply with the rules that we have made. By using our website you have agreed to the rules and disclaimer that we have made.

2.Our firm may regulate privacy policies, guidelines, notes, instructions and other provisions regarding this site. In such cases, these provisions shall constitute a part of this agreement, and in the event of any inconsistencies between these terms and regulations, the updated regulations will take priority. (These terms and regulations will be further referred to collectively as "this agreement.")

3.Our firm can revise this agreement without prior notice to the user. Also, if you use this site after we have reviewed the agreement, we will assume that you have agreed to the revised terms.

 Section 2 (On the principle of self-responsibility)

This website has a service platform that aims to bring together Japanese companies (who want to spread and derive their technology by accepting foreign workers) and prospective foreign workers who want to gain technical expertise by coming to Japan. Through this site, our company provides information, link information, and recruitment advertising content required by users. However, we do not guarantee if the honesty, accuracy, usability, legality, and conformity of information. Truth, accuracy, usability, suitability for a particular purpose, the legality of any information is the information itself that responsibility of the truth is submitted by us to prospective trainees who register on this site and Japanese companies that do recruitment. Therefore we are not responsible for any intact information that harms the users of this site.

 Section 3 (Advertising)

1.Our firm reserves the right to list third party advertisements on our website.

2.The contents, designs, products subject to advertising, advertisers, and other matters concerning advertisements shall be determined at our firm's discretion.

 Section 4(Copyright and Ownership)

This site is protected by the copyright laws and copyright treaties of Japan and related countries, and other intellectual property rights laws and treaties.
Under our agreement, you are licensed only nonexclusive, nonassignable use rights on this site. You cannot acquire any ownership, copyrights, or any other rights to property or duplicates of property on this site.
You must acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights including copyrights, patents and trademark rights relating to this site or its duplicates (including programs, images, movies, documents) are the property of our firm.
Users respect the copyrights on this site and shall use this in regulation with the Universal Copyright Convention, the copyright laws of each country, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and other related laws.

  Section 5 (Usage Environment)

1. In using this site, the user accepts responsibility for all expenses related to preparing the necessary equipment and communication environment to make this site available for acquisition and maintenance.

2. In regulation with information provided by the relevant government agencies, the user must agree to keep their security updated to prevent computer viruses, unathorized data access, and leaking information.

 Section 6(Site Changes and Interruptions)

1.Our firm can make changes to this site without prior notice to the user.

2.In the events that maintenance is required on the system we use to provide this site (further referred to as "the system"), there is too much activity on the system, our firm decides that there is a problem in management, there is reason to protect the security of our users, or in any other situation where we deem it necessary, we will take the required measures to interrupt or suspend an area or the entirety of our site.

3. Our firm can terminate the provision of this site after notifying the user one month in advance.

4.We assume no responsibility for damage or disadvantage caused to users due to events such as change, suspension, or termination, of this site based on the previous clause.

 Section 7(Prohibited Items)

1.By using this service, the user must agree not to perform any of the following acts.

(1)Obstructing the business of our company or the operation of this service, such as putting an excessive burden on the server and the network system.

(2) Preventing another user from using this service, such as hindering user access.

(3) Infringing the honor, credit, privacy, intellectual property rights, portrait rights and publicity rights of our company or third companies.

(4)Providing profit directly or indirectly to anti social influences relating to our service.

(5)Violating the Japanese laws or the laws of the country or region where the user is located.

2.We will take appropriate action to compensate any damage caused to our company as a result of the user performing any of the acts described in the previous paragraph.

 Section 8(Prohibition of Repurposing our Services)

If you use our services and the data that constitute them for more than their original intention of purpose, we reserve the right to stop these acts and also the right to request compensation for the amount profited while inappropriately using our services.

 Section 9 (Other Rules)

1.These terms have been constructed based on the laws of Japan.

2. In the event of the need for a lawsuit concerning this site, we shall comply with Japanese law and make Tokyo District Court of Japan the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first hearing.

3.Even when the provisions of some of these terms are invalidated by judicial judgment or the enactment, amendment or abolition of laws and ordinances, all other sections shall be changed or interpreted to maximize the realization of the intent of the original provision and shall have no effect on the fundamental validity of this agreement.