Privacy Porycy

Japan intern.navi (or what we call this site) is a service portal via mobile site that aims to provide matching services between companies or institutions in Japan who want trained foreign workers with foreigners who want to come to Japan to gain skills and expertise. We are running a platform that systemizethe meetings directly between Japanese companies that looking to recruit trained foreign workers and prospective foreign workers who want to work in Japan.

In terms of operations on this site, personal identifiable information and work execution on this site, regarding personal information received from users is subject to Japanese State's personal information protection laws. In addition, by complying with relevant laws, we strive to maintain objectivity, confidentiality, and accuracy. In addition, there is the possibility of changing the contents of the privacy policy on this site without any information related to the revision and formation of the law.

  Information Collection
「 Information Collection」If an Government agencies, government agencies, etc requests for information used to carry out our duties, we call this site's user data or user group data our "information collection."

 Data Administrator
「Data Administrator」is what we call this website, the company which is responsible for the use and management of personal information.

 Personal Information
「Personal Information」is the information that our data administrators possess or can access to identify a particular individual.

The Types of User Information Acquired by this Site.
Our customer's company name, corporate name, address, the name of the person in charge, telephone number, and contact details such as an email address.
Also, any information regarding clients overseas organizers is also required.
Finally, in addition to any information collected from contract signing and payment processes, we also gather information from various other services we offer.

 Ways We Gather Information
We collect data from the forms that our customers have filled in and also by phone, FAX, email, written documents, or other means of communication.

 Using and Providing Information for Third Parties
On this site, we only disclose user information in the following cases.

・When this site considers it necessary for the execution of our business and has user permission.
・In the event of a dispute, or if information disclosure is requested to uphold laws and regulations.
・ In the case of providing information to Government agencies, government agencies, Technical Intern Trainee, or clients related to our business.

 Management of Personal Information
This site takes the necessary and appropriate measures for the management of personal information to avoid things such as leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.